Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Hate Octuplet Mom!

People are in an uproar about the Octuplet Mom. I have heard her described as selfish, crazy, irresponsible and trifling. But, let me ask you, how many babies have you conceived? How many raggedy children are running around in your life? I’ll make it plain! How many projects, ventures and resolutions have you started in the past year. What is in your womb of hope struggling to stay alive, hoping that you will eventually bare down, push and give birth. Success and greatness require conception, nurturing, development and eventually birthing. So, why would the Octuplet Mom conceive so many children, when she is ill prepared to take care of the one’s she has? For the same reason we take on more and more stuff everyday. Further distracting us from taking care of what we have already been blessed with and leaving our pregnant possibilities malnourished.

I was recently approached with a business opportunity. As I drove home, I was thinking it was a sound opportunity and maybe I should take it on. As quickly as that thought came, a series of questions arrived: Can you take on one more thing and do it with excellence? Is there a waiting list in your coaching practice? Are you turning down consulting contracts? Are you done with your doctorate? How does that business fit into your divine purpose? Having answered those questions there was nothing left to ponder. I can’t conceive anything else right now. My heart and hands are full. They call multiple births high-risk pregnancies for a reason. Each additional child makes the rest more vulnerable. The same with you, carrying around too many projects puts them all at risk.

So, before you say one more thing about the Octuplet Mom. Look around your own life and see how many babies you have running around and evaluate how well you are tending to their needs. Then inspect your womb of hope. How many dreams are you attempting to carry and who helped you conceive them (that’s a whole different subject)? Before you conceive one more thing, I challenge you wipe the noses and change the dirty diapers of the projects that you are already working on. It’s easy to get distracted when things get a little messy. Get refocused and stay on track. Consider something that you started and commit to getting it done this week.

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  1. This is a wonderful article, one that brings out many salient characteristics; however, let me break it down in a way that I perceive Octomom. First of all, I am not hating on Octomom, I have better things in life to be concerned about, but since she put herself out there I just want her to step up to the plate with some answers.

    Secondly, how many women are going around spending thousands of dollars to have their eggs fertilized so that they can have several children? Yes, I am one of those who has described her as CRAZY, IRRESPONSIBLE, LAZY and MENTALLY UNSTABLE; I can do that because my shoes are not tight on her feet. I have 3 children and I also received public assistance for about 9 years for my children, but at the same time I went to school and I worked temp. jobs in order to supplement my income. Many eligibility technicians ridiculed me for wanting to do better making it seem as though the money was coming out of their pockets. While on public assistance, I went to the swap meet, downtown Los Angeles to the garment district also known as the Alley, and to yard sales and thrift store (which I call dig- um shops) to buy my children clothes. I even took hand me downs, but my children always dressed nice, they did not have holes in their clothes and they were in very good condition if not practically new. My children’s hygiene was kept up and they did not look like they lived in destitute. In addition, I taught my children how to clean up behind themselves because I did not play that. I taught my children how to be independent at an early age because they knew MOMMA ain’t gone play when it comes to her house being clean. It was a struggle because I was a single parent with limited help from family because everyone else had to work as well. It took me a long time to get through school but I did it. I have 2 Bachelor’s degrees in Social Science and Criminal Justice, I have a Master’s in Public Administration and I too am currently working on a Ph.D. So let me make it plain to you, All -------- ain’t what they seem and, ALL LOOKS AIN’T ALIKE. Do not clump everyone as being in the same boat.

    For Octomom, having each additional child was a choice that she made which makes her the more vulnerable. When we were created, we were given commonsense which sometimes is not so common. Upon having commonsense, many of us do not know how or when to apply it. Remember God will put no more on you than you can bear. Assurance of Guidance: "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge HIM, and HE will direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6. It is like you, carrying around too many projects put all of those babies all at risk. OctoMomma knew that the frying pan was hot when she touched the skillet, but all she did was jump into the fire. The children that Octomom has are truly precious and a gift from God, but like Dr. Phil said “it is apparent that she is addicted to being pregnant,” so why do the children have to suffer. Her parents lost their home, a home that she was staying in with her 6 children and once again she spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO GET PREGNANT, GET FACE LIFTS, PLASTIC SURGERY AND GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE. I SAY THAT SHE IS A FEW FRENCH FRIES SHORT OF A HAPPY MEAL AND A FEW CANS SHORT OF A SIX PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about those people down in the Delta that only have a few children that are struggling, or those individuals that are still suffering from KATRINA, I do not see anyone running to their rescue. What about those single parents that are really trying to do better that are also supplementing their income. What about those individuals that truly want to progress their living situations? Can they get an interview with 20/20 or Date Line or Dr. Phil and get some money so that they can put down on a new house? To answer your question yes you can take on more than one task and do it with excellence as long as you do not fill your plate too full or spread your legs to wide (this is a metaphor). It is called multi-tasking which is something that many of us do today anyway. Octomom chose to have multiple births not the tax payers. I understand what you mean by taking on too many challenges, but there are some challenges that can be avoid at all costs.