Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Hate Octuplet Mom!

People are in an uproar about the Octuplet Mom. I have heard her described as selfish, crazy, irresponsible and trifling. But, let me ask you, how many babies have you conceived? How many raggedy children are running around in your life? I’ll make it plain! How many projects, ventures and resolutions have you started in the past year. What is in your womb of hope struggling to stay alive, hoping that you will eventually bare down, push and give birth. Success and greatness require conception, nurturing, development and eventually birthing. So, why would the Octuplet Mom conceive so many children, when she is ill prepared to take care of the one’s she has? For the same reason we take on more and more stuff everyday. Further distracting us from taking care of what we have already been blessed with and leaving our pregnant possibilities malnourished.

I was recently approached with a business opportunity. As I drove home, I was thinking it was a sound opportunity and maybe I should take it on. As quickly as that thought came, a series of questions arrived: Can you take on one more thing and do it with excellence? Is there a waiting list in your coaching practice? Are you turning down consulting contracts? Are you done with your doctorate? How does that business fit into your divine purpose? Having answered those questions there was nothing left to ponder. I can’t conceive anything else right now. My heart and hands are full. They call multiple births high-risk pregnancies for a reason. Each additional child makes the rest more vulnerable. The same with you, carrying around too many projects puts them all at risk.

So, before you say one more thing about the Octuplet Mom. Look around your own life and see how many babies you have running around and evaluate how well you are tending to their needs. Then inspect your womb of hope. How many dreams are you attempting to carry and who helped you conceive them (that’s a whole different subject)? Before you conceive one more thing, I challenge you wipe the noses and change the dirty diapers of the projects that you are already working on. It’s easy to get distracted when things get a little messy. Get refocused and stay on track. Consider something that you started and commit to getting it done this week.

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