Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Hate Octuplet Mom!

People are in an uproar about the Octuplet Mom. I have heard her described as selfish, crazy, irresponsible and trifling. But, let me ask you, how many babies have you conceived? How many raggedy children are running around in your life? I’ll make it plain! How many projects, ventures and resolutions have you started in the past year. What is in your womb of hope struggling to stay alive, hoping that you will eventually bare down, push and give birth. Success and greatness require conception, nurturing, development and eventually birthing. So, why would the Octuplet Mom conceive so many children, when she is ill prepared to take care of the one’s she has? For the same reason we take on more and more stuff everyday. Further distracting us from taking care of what we have already been blessed with and leaving our pregnant possibilities malnourished.

I was recently approached with a business opportunity. As I drove home, I was thinking it was a sound opportunity and maybe I should take it on. As quickly as that thought came, a series of questions arrived: Can you take on one more thing and do it with excellence? Is there a waiting list in your coaching practice? Are you turning down consulting contracts? Are you done with your doctorate? How does that business fit into your divine purpose? Having answered those questions there was nothing left to ponder. I can’t conceive anything else right now. My heart and hands are full. They call multiple births high-risk pregnancies for a reason. Each additional child makes the rest more vulnerable. The same with you, carrying around too many projects puts them all at risk.

So, before you say one more thing about the Octuplet Mom. Look around your own life and see how many babies you have running around and evaluate how well you are tending to their needs. Then inspect your womb of hope. How many dreams are you attempting to carry and who helped you conceive them (that’s a whole different subject)? Before you conceive one more thing, I challenge you wipe the noses and change the dirty diapers of the projects that you are already working on. It’s easy to get distracted when things get a little messy. Get refocused and stay on track. Consider something that you started and commit to getting it done this week.

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is It Cold In Here?

I returned home last night from a late meeting. My family was still awake and enjoying time together. As I took off my coat, I noticed that it was very cold in the house. So I asked, “Why is it so cold in here?” They seemed uninterested as if they hadn’t noticed. The thermostat read fifty- eight degrees. I have programmed the thermostat to go down during certain times of the day, but fifty-eight degrees is cold!

Sure enough, our furnace was not working. But, what I found interesting is my family had been in the house all evening and didn’t seem to notice. However, all of them were dressed for the cold. The children had on fleece footed pajamas and my husband was wearing jogging pants and a fleece shirt. They never consciously acknowledged that it was unusually cold; they simply adapted their behavior to the dropping temperature.

This is the same process that happens in our everyday lives. Our passion for our dreams and ambitions begins to drop a little at a time and we don’t seem to acknowledge it. We adjust our behavior to failing relationships, careers and dreams. Before we know it, we are all bundled up in regret and grief and wondering how we got there. Our challenge is to avoid letting the circumstances of today deter us from our dreams and hopes for the future. One way to do this is to touch your dream everyday! Work on something, even one small part of your dream everyday. If you are starting a business, read over parts of your business plan everyday. Let those special people in your life know how much they mean to you everyday. Checking the temperature on your goals will keep them from growing cold, allowing you to keep the fire hot and make purposeful change when necessary.


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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let It Go!

We are living in days when everyone is determined to hang on to what they have left. Most of our thoughts are consumed with holding on to our jobs, our money and our territory. But, even in these lean times we have to learn to let it go.

My six year old has been living with his very first loose tooth for a few weeks. He was afraid losing the tooth would hurt. So, he stopped eating certain foods to keep from knocking the tooth out. Every meal was a mental exercise of what he could and could not eat. He wouldn’t allow me to look at the tooth for fear that I would pull it out. Last night I had enough of looking at that little tooth all leaned over to the side and barely hanging on. I asked him to open his mouth and within seconds I had yanked out the little tooth. He yelled and asked, “Did you pull my tooth?” My response was, “Yes, it was time to let it go and move on!” With his baby tooth gone, he could know see the healthy new permanent tooth that was hidden behind his temporary one.

So, what’s the point? Sometimes we hold on to things that were only meant to be temporary. We spend much of our time, plotting, planning and defending things when their time has passed. So, when new opportunities and experiences arrive we are too frustrated, frightened, tired and distracted to notice the healthy relationships, thoughts and business opportunities that are available. Am I saying that you should give up? Absolutely not! But, in order to experience peace and growth, sometimes we have to let it go! It may be as simple as letting go of your need to be right, or as complex as letting go of some material possession. It may not be as painful as you think- but making the change to let it go may be worth the risk!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not in My House!

      Pastor Andre is on to something awesome with Not In My House. This just in time word reminds us that our victory is a matter of our perspective. He encourages the reader to shift from the mindset of recession to one of restructure. There is hopelessness in recession and power and authority in preparing to be restructured in divine order! Pastor Andre sounds the trumpet to remind us that we live according to another system. Not in My House is my new anthem for 2009! Not in House, Not in my business, Not in my body… You get the point! Get the book!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are You Where You Should Be?

One sunny afternoon my children and I were driving down a familiar road on our way home. Much to my children’s alarm, I slammed on the brakes. Startled they both said, “Mom, what are you doing?” Before I could respond, they along with the other drivers on this four lane road could clearly see why I stopped so abruptly. There was a huge swan stomping and flapping in a frenzy back and forth across the road.

We are accustomed to seeing swans in the lake near our home. There are several man made ponds that they frequent as well. However, I had never seen a swan in the middle of a busy street. I watched this swan feverishly flutter around and disrupt the flow of traffic I imagined he was saying to himself, “Where am I?”

Like that beautiful swan, we often find ourselves out of place and on the wrong path. Sometimes we don’t know that we are out of place. But those around us can clearly see that we have missed our moment of transition, change or even promotion. Usually a swan seems so elegant, graceful and beautiful. However that day, the swan was awkward, a nuisance and in danger. When we remain out of place and on the wrong path we jeopardize all the things we have worked so hard to create in our lives.

It’s Awkward

You know when you have overstayed your time in relationships, partnerships and employment. Something just doesn’t seem to flow the way that it should. During these times, even a very self confident person may begin to second guess their abilities and competence. This may be an opportunity to inventory your skills. If you find them intact, the awkwardness may be a gentle nudge to consider moving to the next level in this area.

You Become a Nuisance!

When you are out of place, you become a nuisance to other people. People around you try to patiently wait for you to “get it”. But, in the meantime your complacency, apathy, confusion, depression and procrastination (how ever it manifests) becomes annoying. Like a house guest that stays one night too many, people are ready for you to move on with your plans, dreams and vision. It’s frustrating to associate with people who are settling for good enough when living their destiny would improve life for them and the people around them.

It's Dangerous

When you stay in a place of apathy, complacency and fear, it becomes dangerous. When you fail to get into position you risk missing opportunities. When you stay in a failing relationship, you jeopardize meeting the right person. Being paralyzed by fear will cause you to lose your focus and when you come to your senses, like that swan, you may find yourself out of place and staring into four lanes of oncoming traffic. Sometimes the life and death of your dream all depend on you being where you are supposed to be at the right time.

As I watched the wayward swan and waited for it to cross the road, I noticed how enormous it was. I was shocked to see its’ wing span. Although we were annoyed and frustrated with the jaywalker, everyone stopped to let the bird regroup and pass by. While the swan was out of place, we all slowed to avoid it because of how big and powerful it was. Hitting this bird would have destroyed the front end of most cars. Even out of place, the bird maintained its’ power strength and even beauty. So do you. Ask yourself, “Where am I?” Based on your vision, goals and abilities are you in the right job, relationship, church, business partnerships, organizations, school, etc. If the answer is no, work to regain your focus and develop a strategy to get back on track. We all wander in the wrong direction from time to time. The key is to recognize the wrong turn and quickly make the adjustment. Stop holding up traffic, get out of the road and get headed in the right direction! Your destiny is waiting!


Raquel R. Robinson is CEO, Executive and Personal Coach with Making a Change LLC. She is an inspirational speaker and author of Renew, Refocus and Recover! A Road Trip to the Life You Deserve. You can reach her at www.makingachangellc.com.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dream CPR

    We made it through another year. For some it was a year of great victory and personal accomplishment. For others, it was a struggle from beginning to end. No matter how we started or finished the year, it is now time to press ahead with new hope and vigor to live a life of passion and purpose.

     That may mean breathing new life into our dreams and visions. The dream may seem incapacitated, but it is not dead. If the dream has not come to pass, it may be time to give it a little CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). When giving someone CPR, you check their mouth for obstructions and foreign objects. We too must check our plans and dreams for obvious things that don’t belong. These would include fear, procrastination, negativity and selfishness. CPR also involves chest compressions to expel any objects that may be blocking airways. I challenge you to check your heart, are there things present that could be blocking you from seeing the success you want? Are you doing the right things for the right reasons? Apply a little pressure and spend time in self-reflection to expose and expel things that could be hindering you.

     Finally, give your dream a little mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Consider your words. What are saying about your future? When was the last time that you talked passionately and hopefully about your dream? Use your words to breathe new life into your dream. Revive your hope this year and prepare to thrive!